TrackIT App

TrackIT App

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Do you need to control the execution of your project easily, from anywhere and efficiently?

TrackIT App is the solution.

Electrical layout projects

Implementation control

Trackit App is a mobile application to manage the execution of power line layout projects. Trackit is fully integrated with the ICS App designed for the control of project materials. When from TrackIT supervisors update the status of the work by changing the status of the poles, it is synchronised in real time so that all execution KPIs are updated in real time and decisions can be made with updated data.


Interactive maps

Trackit App bases all its operation on a map navigation allowing the user to interact with the objects on the map and through contextual and side menus to access the actions that can be performed at any time. It also has a set of icons and colours that allow at first glance to obtain data on the execution of the project just by looking at the map.

real-time information

Management of the status of the work

Trackit is responsive and has a real-time connection to the central database to record the latest changes made in the field. This connection allows decision-makers to know the exact status of the project execution based on the execution KPIs displayed on the dashboard. At the touch of a button, the progress of the execution can be graphically displayed in colour density.

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Intuitive and easy to use app

Graphic tools

Trackit facilitates the control of the project execution phases by providing the user with various graphical functionalities with easy-to-use visual interactions to perform different actions on the network design elements such as setting the pole positions according to the technical and quality standards set for the project. All functionalities can be used with pen or touch with flexibility and ease.