Putting intelligence into SOL management

Efficiently control the installation of solar panels. Recover your investment as soon as possible. Let Suncloo be your intelligent energy assistant.

With Suncloo you will have your installation:

With a minimum monthly subscription

Fully controlled at each panel level

With proactive and secure incident management

Generating at full capacity

Maximizing the use of your generated energy

Amortized in the shortest possible time

Save money and save time using our solution

100% digital

With intuitive App


Easy to install

All types of panels

Data Driven

100% digital

Suncloo is a fully digital and intuitive solution with an intelligent energy assistant that will allow you to control your solar panel installation from your cell phone. You will receive alerts and you will be able to configure automatic actions in a simple way.

intuitive APP

The Suncloo App is designed so that you can install the monitors by simply providing your wifi password. It will provide you with real-time information on the status of each of your panels through alerts and does not require any technical knowledge to manage it. It is totally intuitive, does not use technical language and allows easy configuration of actions to be taken for each alert.


Sundog monitors do not interfere with the installation of solar panels. Both the Cloocell, an individual monitor for each panel, and the ClooInvert, for monitoring the inverter of your installation, ensure that the warranty of your solar installation is not lost at all times.

easy to install

Our Sundogs do not require any technical knowledge to install, you just need to attach them to the edge of the panel with the adhesive tape and turn them on to be automatically detected by the Suncloo app.

all types of panels

Suncloo monitors are totally independent of the manufacturer of the panels you have installed. Moreover, they can be installed in any type of installation since their non-invasive operating principle does not require any conditions for their installation.


The solution offered by Suncloo is based on periodically reading data on panel performance and environmental conditions, storing it in the cloud and processing it to provide you with intelligent alerts.

Do you know if your panels are working properly?

With Suncloo you will have real-time control over what is happening with your panels. You will receive alerts in your Suncloo App when your panels are not generating the correct energy. Sundog monitors will be on the lookout for any problems.

Birds can foul the panels causing the generation to drop and you will not be able to take full advantage of the solar energy.
Trees, obstacles or new buildings can cast shadows on your panels causing overheating, malfunction and breakage.
Accumulation of dust or other materials on your panels will lower the generating capacity and efficiency of the installation.
Installation problems
Installation problems can lead to sub-optimal power generation, increasing the time to recover the investment.
Manufacturing problems
The manufacturing flaws cause the generation of the installation to decrease, lowering the level of the panel that generates the least, losing profitability of the installation.
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Why install Suncloo?

Our solution will allow you to monitor your solar panels individually in real time and know at all times if they are generating the energy they should. It will also allow you to easily and automatically notify the installation company in case of maintenance or malfunction of your installation, so you can maximize your investment and achieve your energy independence.

Forget about dirt, shadows or installation problems with your panels and calling your installers, Suncloo will do it for you. Recover your investment as soon as possible and save energy .

Put intelligence into the management of your sol...