What is SunCloo's technology?

Our Sundog monitors are non-invasive electronic devices that do not require any technical knowledge for their activation and are installed by attaching them with double-sided tape to the edge of each of the panels. Our monitors are of two types: ClooCell and ClooInver. The ClooCell is to be placed on each of the panels, and the ClooInver is unique and is easily installed near the inverter.

Sundog monitors automatically connect to your home wifi network after you register in the App and enter your network credentials. The App will start tracking each of the monitors by connecting them to the wifi network.

Once connected to your wifi, the monitors will start sending information to the cloud about the physical parameters of your panels and the weather in order to evaluate their performance and generate the corresponding alerts. The monitors will be linked to your wifi network and will automatically reconnect if for any reason a disconnection occurs.

The Sundog will keep your installation monitored in real time by measuring operating parameters that allow from the data stored in the cloud, send you alerts so that you can recover your investment as soon as possible and so that your maintenance company can provide you with a better service.