Who we are the clooers

We are a group of professionals passionate about technology at the service of society. We have created the startup Onecloo 2021 focused on the design and development of digital solutions integrating AI. Our purpose is to put all our passion, experience and knowledge at the service of companies and consumers, so they can benefit from the products and services we offer. We are a Xilenial team = Experience X + digital millennial. We combine the experience, the ability to adapt to change and the ability to work in teams of the X generation, with the digital natives of the team who bring the knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as AI.

Our values


We put the latest technology at the service of our clients as a competitive advantage.


The quality of our work is the best letter of introduction for our clients.


We are committed to helping our customers succeed with their business.


We are passionate about what we do, bringing the best of our knowledge to our clients.