Complete digital solution for restaurants and chains.

market place

Do you manage several restaurants?

EatCloo is the perfect app to manage all your restaurants efficiently and intuitively from a mobile device. Fully integrated with ResCloo, the kitchen management platform to manage orders. With EatCloo you can focus on what really matters to attract and retain your CUSTOMERS!
order management

A voicebot for ordering

Your customers will be able to place their orders by voice or by chatting with a vociebot that will help them to select the dishes, take advantage of the offers. They can also indicate the type of order they prefer, make a reservation, pick up at the restaurant or have it delivered to their home. The customer can pay with the help of the voicebot using their Google Pay account or by credit card.
payment management

Google Pay or Stripe

Your customers can choose to pay in cash, with their Google Pay account or with a credit card through Stripe.
Do you want to be more efficient and win customers?